Blue | The 2020 colour of the year, classic blue, gives your home the power of the sea!

CLASSIC BLUE' is the colour of the year for 2020. With the 2020 epidemic and a year of global calamity, Classic Blue is a great pick-me-up for people's sluggish spirits. In the home, it can have a wonderful presentation as well. It encompasses the openness of the sky and the depth of the sea, and carries its own premium quality, regardless of its shade.

When Tiles Climb the Walls - A Beautiful Colourful Home

Nice walls are each wonderful in their own way, uninteresting walls have the same old big! White! Walls! If you want to say goodbye to bland white walls, besides wallpaper paint You can say goodbye to bland white walls, except for wallpaper paint!

8 living room design solutions that come with a high value, every one of which you want!

The living room, the face of a home, is a showcase of the owner's taste, but also the main activity area for daily living. So what kind of living room design, using what kind of tile, to look good and comfortable? Today, we present you with 8 high value living room designs, each of which is stunning!

No gift is as expensive as giving your child a space to read

The power of reading is like springtime. How should a reading space be designed and what kind of tiles can be used to make reading more comfortable?

Play with colour! Introduce these colours boldly into your bathroom and be chic as hell!

The bathroom, the most intimate of spaces, can have the most stunning expression. There's no need to follow the rules, so let the following attractive tile colours awaken your bathroom design inspiration. Know that your difference is more pleasant and stunning than you think.

Wooden tiles are the same? See this 6 new trendy paving method, let your home look very expensive!

A home that is full of comfort + high value is what we expect from a good life. Wooden tiles as a common decoration material for families, the value has been online, and different paving methods. Give us to create a different beautiful vision, take a look ~

No need to follow trends, this tile has been contracted to be the C-suite of fashion [with creative uses of wood grain tiles].

As the saying goes, fashion is fickle and elusive. But the sieve of time is bound to gradually eliminate those old-fashioned, unnatural aesthetics. On the contrary, the simple styles and the integration of nature, such as stone and wood grain products, stand out from the sharpening of the trend, from the C-position of fashion, the more exquisite the charm blooms.

The beauty of Chinese ancient architecture: a long history and astonishing to the world

The art of Chinese architecture has a long history. The four corners of the flying eaves rise up, or flutter They are so beautiful that the world is amazed. The world is amazed by this beauty! Today, from a distant to a near perspective Today we will share with you the ancient architecture of China The beautiful architecture of ......

Your whimsical ideas for your home, presented right away, with a 720 degree panoramic experience that exceeds addiction!

You don't have to worry about how to communicate with designers and decorators to express your ideas, we can help you with a 720 degree panoramic view!

The most complete furniture size and layout plan ever, bookmark it!

How can you create a more comfortable living space? Today I'm bringing you the best standards for interior design. It may not be complete, but it's enough to understand some of the regular home dimensions, and once you've mastered them, you won't have to keep a ruler handy when doing your design!
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