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Owner group selected 38 to decorate blood and tears lessons, these pits really want to avoid!

Owners of the 38 selected decorating blood and tears lessons, these pits really want to avoid!
I didn't go anywhere on Saturday. I was at home for a day's sanitation, too dusty.
- when I chose the open kitchen, I regret it now. The furniture next to it is a bit greasy, and the lampblack machine doesn't seem to work well.
The tiles did not work long before they were black, and they did not work well.
Have you ever heard a similar distress?
Because of lack of experience or lack of consideration, it was difficult to find a lot of regrets after entering the decoration.
Here, Xiaobian summed up the 38 valuable decorating experiences shared by the owners' group, hoping that you can see some fewer detours in the decoration.
[guest restaurant]
A socket is reserved on the sofa side of the living room to recharge the mobile phone and digital equipment. I don't think you want to experience it again and again when you are playing with your mobile phone, but you don't want to move to the TV nearby.
The TV background wall is best to have several outlets: TV, cable TV box, network box, game machine... There are also possible electronic albums, charger interfaces and so on. On the one hand, it will be found that the socket is not enough.
It's not nice to plug in the ground. It's very difficult to create a socket. The child has been tossed and thrown many times.
Do not buy that kind of lamp shade, or the lampshade with the seamed lampshade, after a period of time, wait to climb up the dust, and often there are many small moths dead inside, not clean.
The carpet is also very chicken ribs, although it is very comfortable to step on the foot, but it is absolutely a place of dirt. If there are many people in the house, they are too lazy to clean and dry it. Anyway, after half a month's excitedly, I rolled it to the glove room.
If the space in the living room and dining room is not very large, the ceiling can not be done without doing it. The storey height is less than 2.7 meters, and do not do it. Otherwise, it feels that the space is very depressed.
If you put a ceiling fan in the restaurant, it's super comfortable.
Open and open wine rack, shelf and so on (no door type), good-looking is good-looking, but wipe up good pain, after a period of time a layer of ash!
It is recommended that the socket with switches should be installed, especially in the kitchen, otherwise it is very troublesome to pull out the plug every time after cooking. And sometimes the hands are wet and unsafe. If you install a socket with switches, switch off the switch directly after each time you use electricity.
If you cook a lot at home, give up the open kitchen resolutely. There will be lampblack problem.
To wash the tap of the vegetable pool, it is better to choose the hand revolving faucet with the hand switch. When the oil is on hand, it turns very slippery.
In the kitchen, double tank washing dishes are more convenient for handling dishes.
Please reserve 30 centimeters at the side of the sink to do the drying table. After washing the dishes, it can be dried and stored.
The bedroom must be equipped with double control switch, which is a switch on the doorway and a switch on the head of the bed. Otherwise, it would be quite painful to go to the bed and find that the lights had not been turned off.
In the future, families who plan to have children have to reserve a baby bed beside the bed.
Remember to put a sealed buffer on the door, and every time you close it, there will be a noise.
Wash your hands and wash your hands. When you get in, you find that the glass is not very dirty. We have to get hygiene every day. It is good to use ceramic or stone.
The lower basin is more easy to clean and clean than the basin on the platform.
Attention should be paid to the faucet, considering the thickness of the basin side, the tap mouth must be longer. Otherwise, every day is a pool of water on the table.
The power outlet should be reserved on the side of the toilet, so as to facilitate the installation of Wei Li Li.
Please install several sockets near the washing table to facilitate hair drier and charge the electric toothbrush.
The faucet and the hardware are definitely the price of one point, and the best part of your ability.
Do not use the double bar towel rack. You will not use the inner layer. Remember to buy an electric towel rack in the humid area of the south.
Wash the faucet in the washbasin and choose the type that can be pulled out. It is very convenient for the hostess to wash her hair and her hostess to wash the bangs.
It is the best to measure the level of the kitchen floor tile before it is done. The lowest point is not the floor drain. If there is water, it immediately demands rework.
If there are 2 toilets, it is necessary to install a bathtub, the bear child can play for half an hour, very happy; sometimes can also soak a large piece of clothing.
The wall of the balcony is best made of ceramic tiles, which is more waterproof than the paint.
If conditions permit, make a mop pool on the balcony.
Put a small cabinet on the balcony of the washing machine to facilitate the collection of some sundries, such as laundry detergent, disinfectant and other sundries, which are both beautiful and practical.
It is better to use professional sealant, not only to stick more firmly, but also to resist discoloration. Ordinary joint sealants will become black joints in less than a month.
The skirting line can not only protect the wall, but also the mop will not stain the wall. A lot of friends have seen some public numbers' suggestions. They are not loaded. Now they are very sorry for their dirty feet.
If you can buy stock in the shopping mall, don't call it a carpenter. Unless you're sure the carpentry is quite good.
A reasonable storage space. After admission, it is found that more and more sundries are needed.
When you decorate, try not to leave any place you can't wipe out. It's difficult to get healthy corners.
When you buy anything, pay attention to the size of the door, do not buy it, do not move in!
Leakage protectors and air switches must be brand names.
When you buy something, the necessary documents must be kept well. This habit is absolutely beneficial to the possible retreat and replacement in the later stage. In particular, some important items such as shopping tickets, brochures and so on, because a lot of things have a warranty period, and the loss of credentials will be more troublesome.
The biggest lesson is that the simpler the decoration, the less pollution and the less money.
- End -
~ feel useful, forward to the needs of friends around Oh ~