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Why more and more beautiful bedroom, choose wood grain brick?

When decorating, we always go through some twists and turns. For example, is it made of wood? Wood floors? Actually choose which material, there is no right or wrong.
Why do more and more beautiful bedrooms choose wooden blocks?
Master color master
Author Color Master
Family decoration, the best choice of "once and for all" happiness
In the decoration, we will go through some entanglements
For example, is the wooden brick? Or a wooden floor?
In fact, there is no right or wrong to choose which material.
But we're going to think about what kind of material
More suitable for the use of your own home
It's not easy to decorate once
It's about the living experience of the next few decades
It must be environmentally friendly, healthy, comfortable and beautiful.
But choose with your own preferences
Sometimes it's not the best choice
Miss C used wood floors when decorating
Because I like the feeling of stepping on wood with bare feet.
It's just what you don't think about.
Miss C's house lives on the 2 floor, and the tide is heavier than the high floor. In the half - month - long return to South sky, not only the bare white wall is mouldy, but the wooden floor is also springing up because of the damp expansion.
The advantages of wood flooring are comfortable feet, beautiful and natural. But it has many shortcomings. It is a relatively "coddled" material:
It is not suitable for wet weather in the South because wood floors tend to absorb water and expand. Especially in wet south weather, too heavy moisture will expand, arch, skin and even crack.
It contains formaldehyde. Because in the production process of wood flooring, the adhesive must be used, and the adhesive must contain formaldehyde.
The surface is easy to wear or scratch, and wax is needed for a period of time to maintain color.
Poor antifouling ability, easy to stain stains or oil stains.
The emergence of wood block tiles seems to be specially aimed at solving the shortcomings of wood flooring. It uses people's price to satisfy everyone's thirst for wood flooring, including the mission of carrying out the natural vision of wood flooring.
(wood grain brick visual effect, almost comparable to solid wood)
It is hard, wearable, antifouling, easy to handle, and the price is close to the people.
In addition to feeling slightly cold in winter.
However, wearing soft soft fur shoes in winter is much more comfortable than bare feet, isn't it?
And with the progress of technology, you will find that wood block bricks are becoming more and more beautiful and realistic, and some of them are quite artistic.
Therefore, wood block tiles are more and more popular in the market, which is also reasonable.
In order to close the decoration effect of the log floor to the maximum extent, many of the wood - grain bricks are mainly based on the original strip: 150*600mm, 150*900mm, 1080*180mm, 200*1000mm...
The smart owner is good at discovering beauty and creating beauty
We can also use different paving methods
It makes a different beauty -
Here are some practical cases of paving
Thanks to the owners of the color tiles, they are eager to share their effect. If your house is well decorated, you are also expected to receive feedback from your pictures. Oh, nice gifts are ready for you.
Using BM15905 (master bedroom) 28 dislocation placement method
Using BM10804 (master bedroom) 28 dislocation placement method
The use of BM10804 (parent room)
British style BM15928 (girl's room) 28 dislocation placement method
00 lacquer wood grain (boy room) 28 dislocation paving method
All of these beautiful bedrooms are made of wood brick.
Environmental protection, health, comfort, and beauty!
The choice of wood grain brick is to choose its happiness almost once and for all.
Finally, the little editor wants to add a little more
The affixed excipients are also important
Try to use good seams for seams
The beauty can be added to the beauty