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The balcony ceramic tile how to shop best? These stunning designs tell you the answer!

In the city of gold. Have a few square meters square of the balcony. It's a happy thing. Can listen to the wind, can admire the moon, can see the scenery ~~.
A city in an inch of gold.
A balcony with a few square meters of square meters
It's a happy thing.
Can listen to the wind, can appreciate the moon, can see the scenery ~ ~
This article, what we are talking about is
How to pass the tiles
Easy to make a beautiful balcony
It is easy to take care of, and the effect is immediate.
Come on and look at it.
Colourful pastoral wind
Pastoral style often brings people a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere of nature, which lets people relax. So many people like it, especially young friends.
Hold a cup of coffee with a cup of coffee
Read a book on the rocking chair of the balcony
Wind and song
Not much, if any
Many colors are mixed,
With a lively romance;
Monochrome paving,
It is another kind of natural and elegant nature.
Spare time, plant some plants
Look at the green and springtime
Harvest pleasure and good mood
The big balcony paving is also very beautiful O O~
The present house type
The space on the balcony is usually not very large
Even small
Use these small tiles
Elegant and elegant
Like this style of balcony
You can refer to the following tile elements
Use of 330*330mm specifications for floor tiles
Or mixed with small specifications;
165*165mm's small brick wall.
As beautiful as oil painting
This group of balconies
Color is more bright and unrestrained
Design creativity combines realism oil painting culture.
Concealment of classical flavor in a free and free color
Such a balcony
Like a fine back garden
Spring sun
It's not as good as about 32 friends
Share a good time
These balconies have a natural color, the tile edge is the design of the wavy brick, the concave and convex surface treatment has a good anti skid function, outdoor garden can also be used.
Like this style of balcony
You can refer to the following tile elements
Tile element analysis:
A beautiful and fashionable balcony
The tone of this group is mild, and it is a kind of elegant and demure feeling.
Like a woman's make-up, a strong makeup is always appropriate. In this group, the western style is fresh and elegant.
On the edge of the balcony, you can also do some flower and wood racks
Safety and good-looking
Plants, whether they are large plants or small potted plants
It always brings people a good mood
This kind of design really makes people feel happy.
Like this effect, this group of ceramic tile elements can be used:
Wood pattern Fashion
Solid wood vision balcony is in line with the natural garden temperament.
The reason for the rain and sunshine of the balcony is that when the solid wood flooring is used for a long time, it often produces cracks or rotten. As a high quality substitute for wood flooring, wooden bricks have both comfortable and natural wood grain texture, and can be waterproof, moth resistance and corrosion prevention. The daily maintenance is also very convenient.
A big brick paved balcony
Although the 500*500mm specifications above brick, mainly for the living room, room and other large space. If the balcony is more spacious, you can also use big brick paving paste, the effect is also excellent.
Large specifications of 1200*600mm
The simple modern space can also be spread like this.
Modern antique bricks of large size with 1200*600mm
The material is elegant and natural atmosphere
Antiskid, wear-resistant and high hardness
There are few cracks in the bricks, Yi Qingjie
Some questions about the tiles on the balcony
Some friends will ask if the walls of balconies should be tiled.
In general, the living room is connected with the balcony. If the tiles are not laid, the overall effect will be slightly rough. If it is a friend in the south, the weather wall in South China tends to become moldy and discolouration. It is suggested that the ceramic tile should be affixed to facilitate the later stage, and it will be more beautiful and beautiful. If the tiles are dirty, wipe them with a cloth.
So, is the tile attached to the half wall or the top?
For the height of balcony wall tiles, some friends will choose to paste about 1.5 meters high, to the top is about 3 meters. Xiaobian suggested that if the decoration budget is allowed, it is best to paste it to the top. First, ceramic tiles can be moisture-proof and easy to clean. Moreover, the tiles are paved to the top, and the overall effect will be more beautiful and beautiful.
Square gradient segmentation line
To sum up, the decoration design of the balcony is not complicated. As long as there are good ideas and creativity, the beautiful balcony belongs to you.